We desire to help ministry and church leaders process through the Biblical nature and purpose of the church as it relates to their particular God-given, geographical places of influence and accountability. Our hope is to consider what God’s Word says about His Church and then access, strengthen, correct, and implement the necessary theological, philosophical, methodological, and practical implications into their ministry. Our initial envisioning meetings, ministry and leadership assessments, and resulting action plans are all a part of the consulting phase of our journey. 


As a church and/or leader moves beyond the consulting phase, we invite them into an 18-24 month process of prayerful, intentional, and careful implementation of the mission, vision, and values that resulted from the consulting work in the first phase of our journey. Here, our commitment is to walk alongside the leadership on a regular basis, while also providing practical tools and resources to help along the way. In this phase, we work with the entire leadership structure of the church as they seek to align their ministry with their clearly defined, Biblical convictions and the prayerful vision they believe God is leading them to pursue in their circle of accountability and in the world. Our hope is to connect them to a global vision of what God is doing in the world through our international partners, even as they continue to take greater responsibility of their own geography. 


The last phase of the journey process is to establish a vision and plan for people multiplication and church planting (releasing missionary disciples into new circles of accountability in partnership with the existing churches in their region). The goal is to continue to partner with what God is already doing in their places of influence through starting new work in areas that need greater gospel accessibility. Our hope is that the church, or a cooperative effort of a few like-minded churches, would continue to pray about areas where they have influence and relationships and begin to take responsibility for saturating those places with access to the gospel of Jesus Christ and the ability to be integrated into a local expression of His Church.