Partnering with leaders to reach every man, woman, and child


Saturation Church Planting is a fellowship of churches committed to gospel saturation in North America through consulting, coaching and church planting.  

Our desire is to see the full evangelization of North American and beyond through the mobilization of Christ’s people.

 Over the last three decades, SCP has had the opportunity to work with thousands of leaders around the globe toward this outcome. 


our story

“As a pastor, church planter, missionary, and missiologist, my life has been extremely full. But the salient concept that has taken shape throughout my years of ministry is saturation church planting. Many missionaries and ministries today are embracing this concept, but what is saturation church planting, and where did it come from?” - Dwight Smith



Whatever God is going to do in the world, He is going to do through all of Christ’s people, the church.


our journey

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